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Where it all began...

We know from experience that HR and OD can be a relentless, difficult profession. Teams are exhausted trying to meet the needs and expectations of employees, managers and leaders.

Over the years, many will have put in place initiatives and programmes that addressed topics such as leadership, inclusion and diversity – the important messages contained within these has started to get lost and/or the interventions have failed to address the root cause of the problems. The number of balls we were juggling was crazy even before Covid.


It made us think  is there a better, kinder and more sustainable way to get the best out of people? A way that was proactive not reactive, one that understood and made the most of our human nature. A way that would protect employees from the damaging effects of the increasingly competitive working world

Maybe ‘fairness’ is the answer?

Nearly a year and one (large) research study later we have not only defined what fairness is (and isn't), we are clear on the foundations that are required for fairness, the key behaviours that allow fairness to thrive, the critical experiences that bring fairness to life as well as the seven proven outcomes of focussing on fairness that benefit individuals, teams and organisations. We call this our FairnessFirst Philosophy.

Where we are today...

The People Deal is an organisation development consultancy with research backed expertise in fairness in the workplace and based in the Business Incubator at Loughborough University.

Our mission is to inspire and enable employers to put Fairness First™. Not just because it makes business sense, but because it is the right thing to do.


Fairness is a fundamental part of human nature that has been discussed for centuries. Hard-wired into the brain, fairness provides us with basic guidelines for morality, shaping our thoughts, feelings and behaviour around what we feel we deserve, who we think we are and how we feel we should be treated. It impacts our lives in multiple arenas, from our perception of ourselves to relationships with family, friends, colleagues and the organisations we work for.


Fairness has clear, proven benefits for businesses: improving performance, engagement, productivity and commitment. Each of these benefits allows organisations to be more responsive and adaptable to the ever-changing world of work. Fairness experiences have a markedly positive impact on employees too, driving satisfaction and well-being and helping to develop strong, cohesive work relationships.


Fairness is also heavily intertwined with a number of strategic people challenges such as how to lead, how to be inclusive and how to protect employee health. Taking a Fairness First™ approach can prevent the development of employee issues before they emerge. This is a matter of competitive edge for a variety of contemporary problems that organisations face, such as changing consumer expectations, an increasingly competitive market and evolving employment relationships.


We can demonstrate how fairness unites employees and creates a workforce that will do lasting good for each other and the organisation they work for. Want to find out more about our unique approach to people and organisation development? Contact us for more information.

The team...

We are a small and perfectly formed team of four who bring different knowledge, experiences and viewpoints but share a belief and passion for the difference fairness can make to people and workplaces alike. 


Louise Lennon

Founder & Lead Consultant

Lisa Anderson

Consultant - HR

Sharron Tonkin

Consultant - Learning & Engagement

Libby Sheldon

Consultant - Media and Communications

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